At KickStart Primary Care, we offer a unique blend of primary services with a twist for comprehensive health management. From traditional care to innovative approaches like Nutritional Coaching, IV Therapy, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine, we cover your health needs holistically. Our expert team is here to guide your personalized journey to optimal wellness.

Primary Care

We provide a variety of allopathic and natural approaches to help manage, improve, and potentially reverse chronic conditions that include type 2 diabetes mellitus, COPD, hypothyroid, hypertension, heart conditions, endocrine disorders, and certain autoimmune conditions.

To effectively treat acute/chronic injuries starts with a comprehensive evaluation to uncover the source of the injury. We provide the most up to date treatments and therapies that can effectively reduce inflammation and pain that can provide short- and long-term results. Whether you are recently injured or have been suffering for years, you deserve a chance to have relief.

Some of our patients require specialists which are providers specifically trained in that area of concern; however, we will continue to work with you and the specialist to optimize your care and outcomes.

Preventative care represents a method to reduce and/or mitigate harmful conditions; therefore, we offer insurance covered annual wellness exams to sports physicals.

Instead of heading to urgent care, we can help with your colds, the flu, coughs, acute infections (sinus, ear), and more.

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